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The Wendat ate many foods, but they had the three main foods, or the three sisters.  They were corn, beans, and squash.  They also ate deer, wild nuts and berries and fish, too.  There is a recipie for Wendat Baked Fish below.

Wendat Baked Fish

It would be good to do this outside on a campsite.  Make sure you have permission from an adult before you start.


1 fish (remove guts and and keep skin + scales on cut off head to remove guts)
Green onions (optional)
Salt and Pepper


1.  Start a campfire.
2.  Fill the fish with chopped green oinons (optional)
3.  Cook fish over campfire for 45 minutes.
4.  Add lemon and salt and pepper.
5.  Eat fish!  (Watch for bones!)

This recipie was provided by www.lac-bac.gc.ca/settlement/kids/021013-2111.10-e.html.  They are the people who made the recipie.